SnoJam® Toofers Pattern

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Full-body comfort and warmth. Decorative collar and removable hood

The SnoJam® provides full-body comfort and the warmth of soft fleece. Produced in original fabric designs with a decorative collar. A generous opening to attach a leash adds to the appeal of this body suit, and a snap-on, snap-off hood provides versatility when you need it. Extra-long cuffs can be extended for long legs, or folded for shorter legs.


  • $19.95-$38.95 based on size

  • Twelve sizes, XXP - 4XL

  • Two fabric patterns available; Toofers pattern, black with red accents or Toofers pattern, grey with black accents.

  • Polyester fleece with jersey cuffs


  • Pull over the dog's head and put the paws and legs through each arm and leg opening.

  • Machine wash with warm water, gentle cycle. Do not bleach or dry clean. Tumble dry low. 


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Ultra Paws SnoJam® in the Toofers Pattern Sizing Chart

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