Skijoring FAQs

Skijoring is a sport where you cross-country ski or in-line skate behind one to three dogs that are attached to you with a tow line that has a shock cord sewn into it to cushion you from jerking as the dog pulls.

Your dog should be at least 30 pounds or larger if you want it to pull you. If you have more than one dog, consider a neckline to tie the two dogs together and dog boots for exercising on either rough or icy terrain.

Ultra Paws offers complete Skijor packages for one or two dogs at reduced prices or you can purchase items separately.

Skijoring is fast becoming popular because you can reside in an urban setting with one or two dogs and enjoy the sport. Our skijoring equipment was designed with support from skijorers who understand the needs of the sport. Our patented Skijoring Hip Belt features a soft quick release, reflective strips, and is constructed with a comfortable tacky material that keeps the belt in place.

You can get started in this sport for under $100 (excluding your dog) so don’t settle for rock climbing belts, waist or unpadded belts. As a beginner, you need to start with the right equipment. We guarantee you’ll be happy you purchased from Ultra Paws.

Our equipment is perfect for the recreational skijorer but is also designed and manufactured with the hard-core skijoring competitor in mind.