Putting on Ultra Paws Skijor Belt

Step 1 - Putting on the Ultra Paws Skijor Belt

Unsnap the waist straps and step into the Skijor belt. Pull it up to your hips. Adjust the waist strap until it is snug but not tight.


A.  skijor-waiststrap.jpg

B.  skijor-position.jpg C. skijor-belt.jpg 
Unsnap the waist straps Position the belt on your hips Belt from the back


Step 2 - Attach the Tow Line to the Skijor Belt:

 Loop the woven end of the Tow Line through the loop in front of the Quick Release. Pull the opposite end with the brass snap through the loop and pull tight. Attach the tug rope at the back of your dog’s harness to the brass snap on the Tow Line and away you go!

D. skijor-towline.jpg E. skijor-pull.jpg F. skijor-brasssnap.jpg
Woven end of the Tow Line Pull through loop Pull brass snap through loop


Step 3 - Using the Ultra Paws® patented Soft Quick Release:

With tension on your Tow Line, hold the red cord in one hand and the Tow Line in the other hand. Pull the red cord toward you to release the Tow Line from the Skijor Belt. The Velcro will separate releasing you from the Tow Line and your dog. Use the handle near the brass snap for extra control of your dog.

G. skijor-redcord1.jpg skijor-redcord2.jpg H. skijor-pullcord.jpg
Hold the red cord Pull the cord toward you
I. skijor-velco.jpg J. skijor-quickrelease.jpg K. skijor-reattach.jpg
Continue pulling to separate the Velcro The Soft Quick Release separates the Belt and the Tow Line To reattach the Quick Release press the Velcro straps together
Extra handle for extra control    


Note: The same instructions apply for the two dog Tow Line.