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Pawtectors Waterproof Dog Boots

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 Think of these as galoshes for your dog – covered in a pliable PVC dip for waterproof protection! Now with improved strap tightening action!

  • $24.95 for four boots. Packaged: 4 Boots per set
  • Colors: Black (Pink and Red available in Close-Out while supplies last).
  • Materials: Cotton liner with waterproof PVC shell. Hook and loop with reverse torque for a tight hold.
  • U.S. Patent 5,495,828.
  • Canadian Patent 2,169,450, other patents pending.


  • Fully waterproof with soft fleece lining.
  • Ideal for wet climates and protection from winter salt and chemicals.
  • Double-sided wear ability.
  • Boot top can be cut if too long for your dog.
  • Move the Velcro® strap up or down to ensure a secure hold.


  • Slip PawTectors™ on, making sure paw reaches bottom of sheath
  • It's important that you position the strap in the right spot above the top of the metacarpal or metatarsal pad for a secure hold and attach to the hook on the back, then tighten with a reverse torque for a secure hold.
  • PawTectors™ are designed to be worn below the carpus, and if too long they should be cut with scissors, otherwise each flex may push them down and off.


  • Extend PawTectors™ wear-ability with alternate use of the front and back of the Boot.
  • The soft interior of PawTectors™ will wick out moisture, but dogs sweat through their pads, so remove the boots periodically. Ultra Paws® offers other Boots that are breathable, or for specific wound protection, etc.
  • Turn inside out, wash in delicate cycle, cold or lukewarm water, and hang upside down to fully dry.


Dog Boot Measuring Instructions:

Please download our Dog Boot Size Chart Guide Printout here, and print it out to help you measure your dog's paw width and choose the size that works best for your dog.  


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Ultra Paws PAWTECTORS® Waterproof Dog Boots Sizing Chart


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