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Seven Perfect Gifts for Dog Lovers

Do you have a dog lover with a birthday coming up? Looking for a great Valentine's Day for your sweetheart and their sweet pet? Ultra Paws has you covered for affordable, practical, fun gifts that be adored by your loved ones and man’s best friend.

1: The MyBlankie! It’s ultra soft, ultra cozy and super cute. The MyBlankie! is just for dogs and comes in two patterns, four color schemes and two sizes. It’s perfect for warmth in the kennel, extra bedding on the dog bed, in the car or over the furniture. It’s so soft they’ll have trouble not keeping it for themselves!

2: The Cozy Coat. In a classic red and black buffalo plaid, the Cozy Coat doesn’t just keep dogs warm- it looks adorable. The Cozy Coat is easy to put on and has a hidden hole so dogs can be on-leash while they’re nice and warm in chilly weather.

3: Ultra Doggie Socks. Ultra Paws’ Ultra Doggie Socks are unlike any others, because they don’t have any interior threads that get caught on dogs’ claws. Using brand-new technology, the bright patterns (there are three in all!) are printed onto pooch-sized socks. The socks also have grip on the bottom, so they’re a great gift for dogs who slip on hard surfaces indoors.

4: The Pooch Pocket. Live in a rainy place? On a walk in the rain, humans stay nice and dry in raincoats or under umbrellas, but it’s not always so for dogs. The Pooch Pocket is Ultra Paws’ doggie rain coat. It keeps dogs nice and dry so they don’t have to be toweled off after a walk. The best part? The whole raincoat folds into a compact pocket!

5: The SnoJam. Ultra Paws made the SnoJam a versatile, warm snowsuit for dogs that’s also comfy and cozy. The SnoJam covers dogs’ legs, back and head to keep them warm in cold weather. A detachable hood makes the SnoJam convertible for whatever situation a pooch and his owner find themselves in. It’s perfect for snuggling up on the couch or exploring a winter wonderland!

6: The Hunt Coat. Know a hunter with a prized bird dog? The hunt coat is the perfect gift. Not only does it keep dogs visible in the woods with lots of blaze orange, it also protects bird dogs where they need it most- on their front legs and chest areas. Those are the spots that are hit the hardest as hunting dogs make their way through the woods- over logs and through brambles and prickly weeds. Hunters will be able to spend more time in the woods and less time pulling thorns out of dogs’ fur. The hunt coat is especially good for dogs that live in rural areas to wear outside, so hunters don’t mistake them for wolves or deer.

7: The Comfort Coat: This is the perfect gift for people with dogs who live in snowy or cold climates. It’s ultra-practical with a waterproof shell, fleece lining and D-rings for attaching clip lights. The piping around the coat is reflective for added nighttime visibility. There’s even an opening so owners can still comfortably attach their dogs’ leash.

Ultra Paws makes sure that all its products are not just affordable, but practical and high-performance. When you give your friends and family Ultra Paws, you’ll know you’re giving them a high-quality gift. They’ll love how Ultra Paws helps them and their pet! 

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