Our Doggie Tees are adorable and reflective!

If your dog could talk, he'd say exactly what's on our adorable Doggie Tees! One of the newest additions to Ultra Paws' line of canine clothing is our tee shirts  made especially for pups, and each one is loaded with features you'll love. 

For starters, each Doggie Tee has one of six different fun phrases, each one representative of the loving, care-free mind of a dog. Choose from any of these fun sayings: 

  • Born to Love
  • Free Licks
  • I Love Mom
  • I Love Dad
  • I Love Me
  • Eat Lick Love

All the phrases are embroidered onto 100 percent cotton tees with super high quality, easy-to-read embroidery. These shirts make great gifts for friends and loved ones who cherish their dogs like family. 

Another feature we love about our Doggie Tees is the reflective trim around the edges and arm holes of the shirts. Boasting bright colors by day, this high-tech edging illuminates in low light settings to give your dog a boost of visibility. It's perfect for those early morning or late night walks. 

The reflective edging surrounds super-soft cotton material that your dog will love. The edging not only provides visibility, but ensures that your pup is extra comfy when he wears his tee. 

Perhaps best of all, Doggie Tees are machine washable! That's right, when your pup is done with his favorite roll in the mud, just toss the Doggie Tee into the washing machine and it will come out good as new. 

Doggie Tees come in 10 sizes to fit all breeds and sizes of dogs. The price is right, too: our tees are only $15.95 each. Pick out your favorite saying here!


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  • Christie Bennett

    When will these shirts be available again? I lii ok ve then! They are great quality! They are the only t- shirts I have bought for over a year now and I am looking to buy more now! Please tell me they. Will be back soon? Thank you so very much!!

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