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Never fight over blankets again- The MyBlankie!

Do you and your dog share a blankie? Has your pup claimed your favorite blanket to cuddle with in the kennel? Maybe you love your dog, just not the hair he leaves on your sofa? Not to worry, the MyBlankie! is the perfect solution.

While the MyBlankie! is made for your dog, it’s so soft that you’ll want to keep it for yourself. It’s made of soft patterned fleece on one side, with a cozy, furry, sherpa material on the back.

The fleece front of the MyBlankie! Features adorable artwork made exclusively for Ultra Paws, and comes in two patterns. Waggers features adorable dogs with their tails wagging, and BoneApart is covered in a modern bone pattern. Each pattern comes in two attractive, coordinated color schemes that will look great anywhere in your home.

The MyBlankie! is thick enough that a folded blanket makes for perfect padding on a bed or in a kennel, where it will keep your dog both warm and comfortable. The MyBlankie! is also great to throw over your dog’s favorite chair or couch, so you won’t have to worry about vacuuming up any dog hair from your upholstery. The same goes for your car- the MyBlankie! can be draped over a car seat to make the perfect cover for your dog.

Best of all? The MyBlankie! is totally machine washable! Toss it in the washer and you’re good to go all over again. And, the MyBlankie! starts at just $19.95, making it the perfect gift for your a friend (or man's best friend!). 

The MyBlankie! comes in two sizes so it’s perfect for any size dog. The 30-by-40 inch blanket is perfect for small dogs, or the 50-by-60 inch blanket is great for larger dogs or larger couches (or to spoil your small dog!).

The MyBlankie! is even great to simply lay on the floor for your dog. We know from experience that as soon as you lay it out, it won’t be long before your dog is snoozing on the MyBlankie! As we like to say, love is a dog with a blankie!

Find your MyBlankie! here!


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