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How to prevent ice balls from forming on your dog’s paws and legs

Is your pup limping on his winter walks? Do his legs get covered in thick, icy leggings of snow and ice balls? Ultra Paws is here to help.

You might notice that during your winter walks with your dog, he starts to limp a little or walk in a way that’s not quite normal. It could be because of ice balls forming in between the pads on his feet.

Dogs have hair in between their pads, and that hair can soak up snow crystals, which then freeze as they walk on the cold ground. The snow and ice can then build on itself, forming a ball that spreads the pads and can be painful for you dog to walk on. Wet, heavy spring snow is sometimes particularly good at forming ice balls, even though dogs love to play in it!

Ultra Paws’ business was born because we love snow dogs, and we want them to have as much time playing in the snow as possible. One way to prevent ice balls is to use Ultra Paws boots. Ultra Paws has a few different boot models that can help.

PawTectors are completely waterproof boots that will keep your dog’s paws nice and dry. Keeping the moisture out will also keep out the salt that’s used to treat sidewalks and walkways in the winter, which can be painful if it gets into already-wounded paws. PawTectors cost just $24.95 and come in five sizes.

Durable Dog Boots are also a great solution. While they aren’t completely waterproof, they are water resistant and do a wonderful job protecting your dog’s paws and providing your pup with extra grip in icy conditions. As the name suggests, these boots are durable! They start at $31.95, come in six sizes, and are available in either red or black to coordinate with your pup’s favorite coat.

If you and your dog only have to take a few trips out into the snow a year, or your area doesn’t get much snow, the Snow & Go Boots are perfect. These light-duty boots will stop ice-ball buildup and start at just $13.95.

If your dog looks like he’s wearing snow leggings after playing in the snow, Ultra Leg Wraps are the solution. Long haired dogs, especially, can see the heavy, wet snow build up on their legs and freeze into balls. These balls of snow and ice can be a pain to remove from your dog when he comes back in the house.

Ultra Leg Wraps go over your dog’s legs to keep the snow from sticking to his fur. They’ll keep your dog much more dry and comfortable in the wet, sticky snow. Ultra Paws’ Leg Wraps are designed to fit dogs’ unique anatomy, with longer wraps in the front and shorter wraps in the back. Comfort foam pads help keep them in place so they won’t slip off while you play. They’re also great for hunting dogs who get thorns and burrs stuck in their fur. Leg Wraps are machine washable and cost just $19.95!

With Ultra Paws’ help, nothing will stop you and your dog from having a great time in the snow!  

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