How to pick the perfect boot for your dog

Dog boots can help your pup in so many ways. Maybe you live in a cold climate and need protection from snow, ice and salt, or the opposite, a hot climate where the sand or asphalt can get blistering hot. Maybe you don’t even need the boots for the elements, but just to help your dog stand up on his own on slippery surfaces, or to protect a paw wound. We have boots for all these situations and more, and we’ll help you find just the right set for your dog.

For most pet parents, the go-to boot is the Durable Dog Boot. It’s a great all-around boot with two straps, two foam pads to hold it in place, and a pliable, protective sole. Durable Dog Boots are great for ice, for helping to prevent slipping, to protect from snow and to protect from scratching. They come in six sizes and retail prices start at just $31.95.

If you find yourself and your pup walking on salted sidewalks or other chemicals, PawTectors are a great option. Not only are they warm, but they’re waterproof. This makes them great for slushy or wet conditions. PawTectors come in five sizes and are $24.95.

Is hot asphalt or sand your main issue? Our Ultra Cool Boots are perfect for you. Not only do they provide your dog relief from scorching surfaces, but they help protect your dog from cuts or punctures, making them great for hiking or hunting. Cool Boots are available in six sizes and start at $35.95.

If your dog sees a lot of outdoor action or works as a service dog, our Xtreme Kevlar boots are a great fit. The boots have multiple layers of Kevlar on the sole and a layer of Kevlar over the top of the paw. They protect your dog from broken glass, cactus, burrs, and anything the urban or rural landscape can throw at him. These boots are often used by police K9 units and search and rescue dogs. Xtreme Kevlar boots are in four sizes and start at $79.95.

Are you an outdoor adventurer with a hunting and hiking companion? Your dog will do best in our Rugged Dog Boots, which are designed with hunting and hiking in mind. They’re made of strong polyester and covered with a heavy duty, recycled tire material. They’re also good for asphalt or concrete, cactus, salted sidewalks, gravel, hot surfaces, snow, sand burrs and search and rescue dogs. They come in four sizes and start at $36.95.

If you’re looking for an economical boot for a few trips into the snow a year, you’ll want to check out our Snow & Go boots. At just $13.95, they’re lightweight and water resistant. However, these boots are only intended for light duty. For heavier activity in the snow, try our Rugged Dog Boots, Durable Dog Boots or PawTectors.

Ultra Paws knows that as some dogs age, they can struggle to keep a grip on slippery floors, such as wood or tile. Our Traction boots are designed specifically to help your dog indoors and protect your floors. Traction boots are thick, grippy, soft and breathable. They come in eight sizes so there’s sure to be a pair that fits your dog. They start at $17.95.

If your dog has a paw injury, the Wound Boot can help keep the wound clean and prevent your dog from licking his wound. The Wound Boot is made of a breathable sponge mesh fabric with a generous adjustable strap. It is equipped with a traction pad on the bottom and includes a water repellant wrap for light outdoor duty. Extra wraps are also sold separately. The Wound Boot comes in four sizes and costs just $19.95.

If you're looking for more information, check out our handy chart for boot selection here

Boot sizing: To ensure a comfortable fit, measure your dog’s front paw. The easiest way to do this is to set your dog’s paw on a piece of paper, pressing down to mimic how a dog’s paw spreads in walking or running. Mark the left and right edges of the paw on the piece of paper, then remove the paper and measure between the two points.

Once you have your measurement, follow the sizing chart, which is linked on each boot's webpage. Be sure to pick a boot that is larger than the dog’s paw measurement to ensure comfort. When in doubt, go up a size.

All Ultra Paws boots are made with quality fabrics and use patented technology to stay on your dog’s paw. Yes, they really stay on!

If you’d like more information or have a question about our boots, feel free to contact us at 218-828-0513 or 800-355-5575, or through our form here

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  • Debi Shearwater

    HI, I really want to get the extreme kevlar boots for my dog, but it appears you don’t sell these now. Is that so? What would you recommend if these boots are not available? Looking for something she might have to wear during evacuation from fires. Thank you.

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