Hot asphalt means hot paws- we can help!

As summer amps up and we spend the long, sunny days outdoors with our best furiends, it’s important to remember that beaches, sidewalks and roads can really soak up the summer heat, and can even get so hot as to damage your dog’s paws.

We’ve all hot-footed it across sandy beaches or on sidewalks when barefoot, but normally we just put on shoes or flip-flops to protect our feet from the heat. But dogs don’t have that ability, and that’s where we come in- we can help them out.

According to a paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association, pavement temperatures can be much hotter than air temperatures. The study showed that when the air temp was 77 degrees Fahrenheit, the asphalt was 125. At 86, the asphalt was 135; and at 87, the asphalt was a staggering 143 degrees.

It goes to show that even when air temperatures are comfortable, the road can be very hot. At 130 degrees, an egg will fry. 

Other dog lovers have conducted their own studies. Petsit USA did their own test. Testing different surfaces every few hours on a hot day, they found similar results. At the hottest part of the day, around 4 p.m., the air temperature was 102. At that time, using an infrared thermometer, they measured the asphalt temperature at 165 degrees! 

Those hot temps can cause quick destruction to your dog’s paws, and dogs in urban areas or on beaches are at the greatest risk. In those areas, there are less grassy areas where dogs might find relief for their paws. In extreme cases, dogs have suffered severe burns on their paws due to hot surfaces. 

The SPCA of Florida recommends “The Five Second Rule.” Put the back of your hand on the pavement, and if you can’t hold it there for five seconds, it’s too hot for your dog to walk on. Other signs that dog's paws are getting too hot are if they are limping or holding a paw up when standing still. 

Since exercise is important for dogs and their humans, Ultra Paws developed a product to help dogs keep their paws cool and prevent burns. Our Ultra Cool Boots are specially designed to protect paws on hot days.

The boots have a breathable mesh top and a grippy, skid resistant sole that deflects the heat of hot surfaces away from your dog’s paws. They have Ultra Paws’ patented system for keeping the boots on your dog’s paws, go on easily and fasten with two Velcro straps. 

Ultra Cool Boots come in six sizes, from petite to extra large. Pricing starts at $35.95. 

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