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Don't Put Off Getting These 4 Essential Dog Items Any Longer

Dog owners often have a million and one things on their mind. From needing to remember vet appointments to scheduling regular walks in the park, it’s no wonder that sometimes even the essentials slip by us. Case in point: essential items. Despite the value of having these items, we often trudge along without them. The thing is, purchasing them can help make our lives easier and our dogs’ lives even more fulfilling. So what essential items should you finally get around to using? Here are 4 that are sure to make a positive impact.

1. Dog Boots

If you’re surprised to see dog boots right at the top of this list, you may not be aware of just how beneficial they are. Dog boots are one item that doesn’t immediately seem essential…until you see what happens when you don’t use them. They are made to prevent your dog from injuring their paws when on uneven, sharp, or hard terrain. 

Without dog boots, your dog may suffer from cuts or grazes on their paws when walking or running on such terrain. They also provide support and cushioning so long walks or runs will no longer end in achy or painful paws. Needless to say, no dog owner wants any of that for their pooch. The simple solution is to ensure that you put on dog boots each time they need them, such as on hikes or when you’re exploring the great outdoors.

2. Coat

If you’ve ever wondered if a coat is worth purchasing for your four-legged friend, wonder no more. Dog coats are an essential item for your dog to wear in wintertime, on particularly cold days, or on vacations to colder climates. They provide comfort and warmth to your dog when they need it most, so you don’t have to worry about them coming down with a nasty cold. At Ultra Paws, we have a range of dog coat styles available, with each boasting unique useful features. For example, some dog coats are ideal for snowy weather, while others have nifty features such as reflective fabric. 

They’re designed to be super easy to put on your dog too. All you need to do is pull it over your dog's head and adjust the hook and loop closures. We know that cleaning any dog accessories is usually a pain, which is why we simplified the cleaning process by making our coats machine-washable. 

3. Pooper Scooper

One essential item that is sure to considerably help make your life that much easier is a pooper scooper. While many dog owners choose to do without one, we would reason that with its low cost and convenience, it’s well worth buying a pooper scooper. After all, no one enjoys bending over and picking up their dog’s not-so-pleasant surprises.

“A pooper scooper eliminates the inconvenience and ick factor with picking up poop,” advises Angela Stringfellow from Pup Life Today. “It also saves you time as it’s far quicker to scoop up dog poop with this handy device than maneuvering a bag into the right position with your hands. As we mentioned, pooper scoopers are inexpensive, with many priced at under $20, so they’re a cheap buy that has numerous benefits. 

4. Blanket

Do you ever notice how your dog takes any opportunity to bury themselves in your soft belongings? Whether your bed sheets or a pile of clothes, dogs love the embrace of soft material. So why not treat your dog to their very own blanket?

A dog blanket is an essential item for a multitude of reasons. For starters, it will provide them a sense of security to have somewhere consistent to rest on or under. A dog blanket is also perfect for chillier nights when your dog needs a bit of extra warmth. As an added bonus, you’ll save on electricity bills as you won’t need to crank up the heater to stop your dog from shivering. Finally, if your dog has their own blanket, they won’t be so tempted to use your sheets or clothes, which will in turn save you from washing and cleaning them as frequently. 

Our luxurious, ultra-soft fleece and sherpa dog blankets at Ultra Paws come in at just under $20, so they’re a steal for all that they offer your dog (and you!). We have four fun patterns to choose from, so you’ll have no trouble choosing one that matches your aesthetics or personality.

About the Author

Monica Mizzi is a freelance writer and digital marketer with a soft spot for all fluffy creatures. She’s written 100+ articles about animal care, ranging from how to train puppies to the healthiest pet snacks on the market. She currently writes for Pet Life Today. Having grown up with a Tabby cat and later a Netherland Dwarf rabbit, she’s always had a love for animals. While she’s now on the road too much to take care of her own pet, she’s found an innovative solution: take care of other people’s pets! She’s now something of a professional cat sitter, having taken care of nine gorgeous cats just in 2019! Her dream is to one day visit Antarctica to see penguins marching.


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